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FL law, health agency lax on compounding pharmacies

By Carol Gentry
12/06/12 © Health News Florida

The fungal meningitis outbreak that has struck 25 Floridians so far was preventable. It could have started just as easily in Florida as in New England, given how little oversight this state gives compounding pharmacies.

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Hospital chain displays data defense against ‘‘60 Minutes’

By Carol Gentry
11/30/12 © Health News Florida

Today HMA's Florida President Alan Levine unveiled data that indicate the hospital chain is in line with the industry on matters that are the focus of a scheduled 60 Minutes program on Sunday.  Will CBS be swayed? Stay tuned.

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BayCare-United fight spurs call for less secrecy

By Sarah Pusateri and Carol Gentry
11/29/12 © Health News Florida

With 400,000 patients and thousands of doctors trapped by the BayCare and United fight, some health-system experts say the issues should be aired through a mediator. Hear audio version (4 1/2 min.)

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